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Protect and secure the Internet connections in your exhibits!

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The aMuze! Interactive Exhibit WatchDog acts as a guard for your Internet-connected screens and other applications. Always on the alert, it makes sure that they stay connected to the internet, sends reports when internet access goes down, restricts Internet access to the web pages that you want your visitors to see, keeps log files on usage, and performs a variety of other tasks that keep your web-based interactives reliable and secure!

Originally developed to insure the functionality and security of our aMuze! Interactive DialogSystem, we are now making Exhibit WatchDog available as a free-standing application.

Exhibit Watchdog provides the following functions and services:

  • Automatically starts when the computer is turned on or rebooted.
  • Checks that the internet connection exists.
  • Displays a text on the screen, e.g., "Connecting to Web server..." when trying to connect.
  • Displays a text on the screen, e.g., "There's currently no connection to the server, please come back later...” when no connection exists.
  • Restricts visitor access to URLs from a definable list.
  • Automatically returns to a selected home page after x seconds of inactivity.
  • Sends an email to a list when internet connection is lost and re-established.
  • Logs all activity.
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