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aMuze Interactive MobileGuide App at Sweden’s Royal Armory Museum

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The Royal Armory, Livrustkammaren, is Sweden's oldest museum, illustrating the history of Sweden's monarchs for nearly 400 years. It has extended the depth and breadth of what visitors can explore with the launch of "LivRustApp," a customized SmartPhone app built on the aMuze! Interactive dynamic CMS.

I am Armfelt!
The application had its premier in combination with the opening of a year-long exhibit about the Finnish/Swedish courtier and statesman, Gustav Mauritz Armfelt (1757-1814).

Portrait Painting of GM Armfelt

Armfelt was a remarkable figure in a remarkable time. On the move for much of his life, he was active in the courts of Stockholm, St Petersburg, and Naples. He was war-hero, royal favorite, fugitive, theater-director, traitor and patriot (depending upon your point of view), a man of many loves - both physical and cerebral, the father of a good many children, and one of the fathers of an independent Finland, through his interventions at the court of Tzar Alexander.

Interactive Game
One of the goals of the Royal Armoury is to
attract more male visitors in the age group 18-35 – a demographic group that is conspicuously absent from many museums. Using the chameleonic career of Armfelt as a base, aMuze has developed a short interactive game within the app, “The Armfelt Adventure”, which aims to attract and engage this game-loving target group in the quandaries and dilemmas that Armfelt faced. The game incorporates elements of the physical exhibit, as well as the smartphone.

Try it here!
Download LivRustApp for
iOS, Android or Windows Phone and use the app’s built-in QR code reader to scan the codes below, linking you to extended content from the exhibit “I am Armfelt.” Texts, images, audio guides, dialogue questions, and a game called “The Armfelt Adventure.” Put yourself in Armfelt’s shoes. What would you have done if you were Armfelt? When you’ve responded to all eight dilemmas you can see what kind of ARmfelt you have become!

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