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Dialog- and KnowledgeSystems at Malmö Museums

What is your nature? Your nature as a person? Your nature in terms of the natural world that surrounds and supports you?

aMuze! has completed the first phase of a combined Dialog/Knowledge System installation at Malmö Museums: four DialogStations that challenge visitors to think about their relationships to nature and their environment. Do we have the right to decide over Nature? Does Nature have a value beyond its usefulness to humankind?
Dialogue Screens in front of wild boar diorama

“Your Nature?” will be a new, permanent exhibition that examines our relationships to the natural world: historically, today, and what they might be - or need to be - in the future. aMuze! Interactive is part of the core team behind the 600m2 experience that will combine objects from the museum’s collections with state-of-the-art interactives, which will engage visitors in the issues and challenges of creating a sustainable future.

aMuze! Interactive’s Systems will create a “smart” visit experience. As visitors move through the exhibit, answer questions and express their opinions at immersive DialogStations, their responses will be stored. Each visitor’s experience at each station will vary according to the choices they have made at previous stations. Visitors will be able to continue their explorations at home, in the classroom, and at partner sites and institutions in the region.