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aMuze! develops “Carbon Footprint Calculator Interactive

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Visitors to the Climate Change exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History in Stockholm can now interactively see how they can reduce their Carbon Footprints. aMuze! has designed a touch screen interactive that enables visitors to see how changes made at home and at school or the office, in transportation and in consumer choices, can make a real difference in the amount of CO2 that's released into the atmosphere.

While most CO2 calculators require users to answer dozens of questions regarding how much CO2 they emit - a long and frustrating process to go through in an exhibit area - visitors to the Natural History Museum's Mission:CLIMATE exhibition are presented with a variety of measures that can be taken to reduce their "footprints". They can also see the amount of CO2 that each measure would save. They can then choose which measures they are willing to take, and see how much each choice diminishes their footprint size.

The interactive is designed to be short - ca 3 minutes - and accessible for ages 10 and up.