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Interactive Poster Session at World Water Week

40 researchers from 28 different countries on six continents presented their research posters electronically and interactively at the annual World Water Week conference in Stockholm at the beginning of September.

The process began back in July when invited researchers received their log-in instructions from the World Water Week staff, and were able to create their posters on-line, from their own desks in Britain, Belgium, Bangladesh and Burkina Faso; in Palestine and the Philippines; in Uzbekistan, Uganda, and the USA. Their posters were displayed on 48" touch screens, which enabled conference delegates to explore the research interactively – viewing texts, images, videos and slide shows with just a tap on the screen.

Click on the images below to explore some of the research.

WorldWaterWeek_Poster1 WorldWaterWeek_Poster2

WorldWaterWeek_Poster3 WorldWaterWeek_Poster4

WorldWaterWeek_Poster5 WorldWaterWeek_Poster6

WorldWaterWeek_Poster7 WorldWaterWeek_Poster8

WorldWaterWeek_Poster9 WorldWaterWeek_Poster10

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