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aMuze! helps you transcend
the Laws of Exhibit Relativity.

Milkyway Galaxy
Law # 1: Space is finite.

The size of collections, and the complexity of subjects that informal learning institutions present, have outgrown available exhibit space. There’s not enough room on the floor to show all there is to show, or room on the labels to explain all that visitors might want to know.

What to do?… extend space! aMuze! Interactive’s systems help you to extend your exhibit space beyond your institution’s walls, to provide visitors with access to all of your knowledge resources.


Law # 2: Time flies.

Studies show that the average visitor spends only 20 minutes in most exhibit halls, seldom reads labels, and skips more than half of the elements. Even if you had all the space in the universe to show everything you have, visitors don’t have the time to take it all in.

What to do?… extend time! aMuze Interactive’s systems help you to extend the amount of time your visitors can spend with your exhibits – and enable them to keep on exploring their interests, in their own time and at their
own pace.

Collage of people's faces

Law # 3: Matter is relative.

Each visitor brings their own unique interests, background, skills, learning styles, moods, companions, and expectations to an exhibit. So, even if you had unlimited space and time, the diversity of visitors makes it hard to create meaningful exhibit experiences for all.

What do do?… extend access to what matters! aMuze Interactive’s informal learning systems help make your exhibits accessible to all of your visitors. We help you to empower them to create their own, personal exhibit experiences while they are at your venue, and again when they return to visit you on-line.