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Touch-screen Application Highlights Unique 17th Century Collection

aMuze! Interactive has designed, produced and installed a touch-screen information station in the State Trophy Collection at the National Army Museum in Stockholm.

Armemuseum Trophy Chamber Main Screen

The collection is unique in the world, both in its scope and quality. It consists of war trophies such as banners, standards, drums, and fortification keys taken during Sweden’s 17th and 18th century wars against Russia, Poland, Denmark - a time when Sweden was a major European military power. The oldest of the 4,000 preserved objects is from the early 1600’s, captured during Sweden’s participation in the 30-years War.

Armemuseum Trophy Chamber Detail Screen

The flags and banners are exquisite pieces of art and craftsmanship, woven in fine silks and wools, and often richly illustrated with allegorical and even satirical themes. But the battles and the centuries have taken their toll on the trophies. They are housed behind glass in a climate-controlled space and can only be exposed to a limited amount of light, making it impossible to provide visitors with in-depth information and interpretation.

The Trophy Chamber touch screen tells the story of each of the trophies: design & manufacture, battle history, allegorical references, provenance, etc.