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We are fundamentally engaged in the issues of sustainability. This engagement comes from a number of factors, both philosophical and practical.

We are convinced that balancing the use of our social, environmental and economic resources today with respect to the needs of future generations is the overarching issue of our time. It follows that we have a responsibility to do all we can to advance sustainable thinking and acting. This is one of the foundations of our business idea and imbues our ways of working.

We hope that aMuze Interactive can contribute to the development of a sustainable society by helping to make complex and critical subjects understandable to a broad public with a wide range of interests and intelligences.

In practical terms, we are developing a list of internal and external indicators to be able to measure and manage the impact of our own operations as well as the behavior and impact of other businesses in our supply chain. For more information on our sustainability work, please contact:
sustain @ amuze-interactive [dot] com