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Quality Process

Working closely with our clients, the project process begins with a preliminary study in which we research and analyze the full scope and consequences of the assignment. 

We will consider: Who are the audiences? What are the desired outcomes? How will the content be organized and structured?  What are the contextual linkages within the exhibit area, to other parts of the institution, and to partner organizations? In what form will the content be delivered? What are the physical conditions in the exhibit area in terms of power and networks?  What is the best way to host and maintain the system? How will the project be evaluated?

The preliminary study will also take up such issues as project team, time plan, budgeting, project dependencies, risk analysis, and critical success factors.  The study will result in a detailed
written specification, to ensure that the entire design, production, and installation process is transparent and that all stakeholders are in agreement on methods and goals.  This document becomes the roadmap for the rest of the project.

Design, production, and installation are planned in different stages with identifiable milestones.  At the completion of each stage we meet with the client for approval and a go-ahead to the next stage.  We create a project web site where on-going work can be viewed and discussed by the project team, so that any unforseen problems and possibilities can be quickly addressed and either neutralized or integrated into the system design.

Before going live, the system is thoroughly tested. All features and functions are compared to the initial project specification to make sure that the system meets the agreed-upon demands.