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aMuze! Interactive MobileGuide System

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Easy for your visitors to find out more about the things that interest them.
Easy for you to create and manage content.

Try it here! Download LivRustApp (which we produced for the Royal Armory in Stockholm) for iOS, Android or Windows Phone and use the app’s built-in QR code reader to scan the codes below. Here you’ll find extended content from the exhibit “I am Armfelt.” Texts, images, audio guides, dialogue questions, and a game called “The Armfelt Adventure.” Put yourself in Armfelt’s shoes. What would you have done if you were Armfelt? When you’ve responded to all eight dilemmas you can see what kind of Armfelt you have become!

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Easy for your visitors to access your deeper content.
The aMuze!
MobileGuide System allows your visitors to explore beyond the limits of your exhibit labels and wall panels. They can…
Read deep texts, listen to audio guides and interviews.
Get links to related content, see what others with similar interests have explored.
Enjoy multimedia, play games, express their opinions.
Save their favorite objects for exploration after their visit, and share them across their social networks.
Find key information about your institution - calendars, membership and donations, links to sponsors, directions, opening hours… whatever you want them to know.

Easy for you to create and manage content.
The aMuze! MobileGuide System allows you to easily create and manage content, and generate your own QR-codes from our WYSIWYG web-based content management system. You can...
Present texts, images, sound files, and videos. 
Engage your visitors in interactive games, surveys, and dialog.
Create language versions, and versions for groups with special needs.
Add, edit and remove content whenever you choose to do so.
Collect comprehensive statistics on your visitors' interests and behavior.

There's no software to download. And, of course, since your visitors are using their own devices, there's no hardware for you to install or maintain.

It's a pretty
smart experience for you too!

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