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aMuze! Interactive KnowledgeCard System

The KnowledgeCard System can be used as an alternative, or in addition to the MobileGuide System. It uses RFID or barcode technology to enable visitors to tag objects on the exhibit floor and continue to explore their interests when they return home or to the classroom.

It delivers the same, rich, post-visit experience as the MobileGuide System without the need for having a mobile device.

3 teenagers hold Knowledge Cards
Each of your visitors receives a personal aMuze! Interactive KnowledgeCard, branded to your institution, which they will carry into your exhibitions. On each KnowledgeCard is printed a unique, machine-readable code (such as RFID or barcode), as well as a corresponding user-readable alpha-numeric code. The cards themselves can be anything from a credit card-sized card in laminated paper, wood ,or plastic, to a brochure, a DVD jacket, or other media.

The coding systems can be integrated with your ticketing systems.

aMuze! Interactive KnowledgeCardStations are installed at desired locations throughout your exhibit areas. Visitors use their Knowledge Cards to indicate their interest in specific objects or subjects by simply scanning their KnowledgeCard at the appropriate Knowledge Card Station. Their choices are continuously uploaded to the aMuze! Interactive Database.

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