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aMuze! Interactive iPoster Sessions

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Make your poster sessions as cutting edge
as the research you’re presenting!

  • Unlimited content: iPoster authors can present as much content as needed. Visitors can explore the research as deeply as they wish.
  • All digital: On-line creation & display. No Powerpoint, no PDF, no paper… nothing to transport, nothing to set up, nothing to tear down.
  • Intuitive interface: iPoster templates with WYSIWYG workspaces make it easy to create presentations that attract, engage, and inform.
  • Multi-media tools: Create slide shows, load videos and animations, charts and diagrams – iPosters make your research come alive.
  • Extended contact: View iPosters with full interactivity before, during, and after the conference – on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Added value: iPosters provide a dynamic platform for sponsors and partners to present their brands and messages to your constituency.
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A simple, dynamic, and interactive process
for organizers, authors, and attendees.

1. Organizers have access to their own online iPoster Administration and Content Management System. You can monitor and manage the entire iPoster session process from your computer, tablet or laptop. You begin by entering the names and email addresses of invited authors. An email containing log-in information and instructions is automatically sent to the invitation list. 

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2. Authors log-in to set up their individual iPoster work spaces. You select a working template from a variety of choices. WYSIWYG editing tools allow you to pick colors, backgrounds, typefaces, and more to personalize your work. You can create content using texts, images, and videos. There is no space limit - iPoster content boxes open up at the click of a button to add as much content as you wish. 

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3. Visitors to the conference explore the iPosters on large-format, interactive touch screens. Tap to open up content boxes to read more. Tap on an image to see it full-size on the screen. Tap to play videos. Scan a QR-code to save the iPoster's URL for deeper exploration when you return home.

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