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Immersive Multi-media Experiences
How do you get the Big Idea across?

How do you summarize a complex body of knowledge and make it understandable, memorable, sticky… something to talk about, something to do something about?

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Our large-format, ultra-hi-definition, multi-media experiences focus the content and messages of your exhibit and provide an experiential hook, which your visitors will carry with them all the way home.

Frames from large format multimedia at Army Museum

It doesn’t take much room –– just a few hundred square feet. We’ll provide you with the rest: big, super-sharp images, multiple screens, synchronized environmental effects, specially composed surround soundtracks, tight scripts, technical support…

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... an aMuze extended learning experience that will put your visitors right in the middle of your content and create the context that’s needed for a deeper understanding of the subject matter and the motivation for further exploration. 

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