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The KnowledgeSystem helps everyone
get more out of a museum visit!

aMuze! helps visitors to personalize their museum experiences.
    • It invites visitors to deepen their contact with the content and messages of your exhibit – on the exhibit floor and after leaving your venue.
    • It enables them to control their own acquisition of knowledge and meaning, and interact with it according to their own interests, at their own level and their own pace.

aMuze! helps curators to offer your visitors more:
    • Access to objects and insights that did not fit in the physical exhibit.
    • Linkages to other parts of the exhibit or site that are impossible to show in a linear, physical space.

aMuze! helps educators to make content more accessible and understandable.
    • Task-oriented and constructivist approach provides an ongoing and rewarding learning experience for different ages and learning styles.
    • Practical tools for teachers to plan and conduct museums visits, and continue work back in the classroom.


aMuze! helps marketers to turn anonymous visitors into engaged and loyal re-visitors.
    • Comprehensive statistical functions.
    • Real-time tracking of visitor interests and behavior, on-site and on-line.
    • Key data for marketing, outreach, museum store promotions, etc.

Development Staff

aMuze! helps development staff to provide the benefits that attract funding.
    • Build deep and long-term relationships with visitors that increase membership.
    • Satisfy the educational and accessibility goals of public agencies and foundations.
    • Meet funder demands for measurable results.

Corporate Partners

aMuze! helps partners toreap the benefits they need to justify significant contributions to your institution.
    • Significantly increased brand exposure and target group contact.
    • Measurable return on investment
    • Competitive CPM
    • Read more about the aMuze! Interactive Marketing Platform >>

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