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Basic Group DialogSystem

The basic Group DialogSystem is a turn-key package for audience response, ready for you to use right out of the box. We supply you with a lap-top computer, preinstalled with the Dialog Application, and voting keypads for your visitors. All you need to do is connect the computer to the Internet, attach a large screen or projector, start the application, and you're ready to engage your visiting groups in meaningful and memorable dialog about the substance and issues of your exhibits. It's a great experience for groups of all ages, from elementary school students to retirees.

Easy-to-use web-based CMS
Our web-based content management system makes it easy to create and edit question & answer alternatives, load up images, and gather statistics. You can create Dialog "PlayLists" for different kinds of groups and, with the simple click of a button, run a session for a group of 5th graders at 9am, switch to a program for a senior-citizen group at 10am, and be ready for a class of high school students at 11am. The system is also great for use in internal meetings and workshops – use it as a tool for stimulating dialog, focusing issues, and reaching consensus within your organization. And you can manage the system from any Internet- connected computer – anywhere in the museum, or anywhere in the world. Just log in and go to work.

Training & Tips
We'll provide training for you and your colleagues so that you understand the ins and outs of the system, both technically and pedagogically. And we’ll share with you the experiences of our clients from a variety of museum environments on a regular basis.

Basic DialogSystem Components
The basic Group DialogSystem package includes:
• a control computer (laptop or stationary) with the DialogSystem application pre-installed
• hosting for your own password-protected area on our DialogSystem web-server
• web-based administration and CMS
• 36 voting keypads for visitors
• one base station to communicate with the keypads
• a remote control for your group leader
• basic screen design to match your organization’s graphic profile
• 5 hours of training
• 2 months of free telephone support

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