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"Eye of the Storm" opens at the Danish Museum of Natural History
"I don't think that I ever before saw teenagers waiting in line to see a film about the environment for the second or the third time in a row!"
Hanne Strager, Head of Exhibitions, Natural History Museum of Denmark
 Flooding sequence from Immersive multimedia show

Our hi-def, multi-projector, surround-sound experience about climate change, "Eye of the Storm", which we produced for the Swedish Museum of Natural History, has now opened at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Visitors enter a specially built mini-theater for this 8 minute visceral experience of the effects of climate change, its possible causes, and what we can do to stem the tide.

"Eye of the Storm" is being shown in Copenhagen as part of an exhibition on climate change, which the Danish Natural History Museum has produced in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History.  The exhibition will run through the United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP15 ( - and continue until the end of March.

If you are taking up the issues of climate change in your institution, contact us about renting “Eye of the Storm”.