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Direct Marketing Benefits

The aMuze! Interactive platform combines the benefits of traditional direct mail (putting your offer directly in the hands of your target group) and digital marketing (linking your target groups directly to product offers through clickable links on the internet).

However, we take the benefits even further. Unlike traditional direct mail, which is dropped in your target’s mailbox and often winds up in their wastebasket, our KnowledgeCards, KnowledgeTraks, and SmartPhone Apps -- with your logo, product offer and links -- really do wind up in your target group’s hands. And not passively, either. Visitors use the KnowledgeSystem as a key element of their experience at the venue. And they use it again when they come home to log onto their personal sites.

So, whereas direct mail is often seen as junk mail, the aMuze! KnowledgeSystem interface is a valuable tool, a part of an engaging and continuing experience that begins at the museum or other exhibition, and continues when your target group has returned home, to work, or to school. And your brand becomes part of that experience.

On top of it all is the fact that the aMuze! Interactive platform delivers a measurable return on your marketing investment. It drives traffic to your product offers, allowing you to see exactly what’s happening and to adjust and refine your marketing messages. The unique credibility of the marketing environment allows to you to build long-term relationships with your target groups, supporting customer acquisition and retention.

Let us show you how our demographics, CPM and ROI are highly competitive with all the other marketing media you might be considering.