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What do you think?

The aMuze Interactive DialogSystem
empowers your visitors to express themselves!

Give them a chance to make their voices heard –– and seen! –– in real-time.

By adding an aMuze! Interactive DialogSystem to your exhibits, your institution gains another dimension. Now you can engage your visitors - on site and in real time - in debate and discussion concerning the content and issues you are presenting in your venue. You can make your exhibits more relevant to visitors’ personal experiences and values, evoke emotion, promote reflection, and encourage decision-making.

School group in Museum amphitheater with DialogSystem
With components for individual and group participation (audience response), the system can run automatically or as part of a guided discussion by museum staff. Physical components can be free-standing or built into exhibit displays or furniture. There are modules for smartphones and for your website which integrates on-line dialog for pre- and post-visit interaction.

Results from all components can be presented immediately on summary screens so that visitors can see what others have thought. Large format displays in your lobby, cafeteria, and other public areas can display total results in real-time and thus engage all your visitors in the issues.

The entire system is administered through an easy-to-use web-based administration & CMS, which allows authorized personnel to instantly add, update, or delete content on any or all display units, from any web-connected computer. Data is stored in a fully searchable database that enables analysis of the results.

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