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DialogStations & SummaryScreens

You can easily expand the basic DialogSystem
to include Individual DialogStations with which visitors can interact as they move through your institution. Engage them in a dialog about the themes and topics of your exhibits. Find out what they think about what you’re doing, what they would like to see you doing in the future, who they are and where they come from.

Summary Screens
Results can be displayed on Dialog SummaryScreens, which can be set up in exhibit areas to display the results from a specific group of DialogStations, or in public spaces like your lobby or restaurant to display general results. Results are presented in real time, which adds immediacy and excitement to the experience and motivates visitors to seek out the DialogStations so their voices can be heard too.

Simple Administration & Content Management
Using the same administration and CMS as the Group DialogSystem, you can create anything from simple yes/no questions, to multiple choice questions, to sophisticated question series, where you can respond to a visitor’s answers with new questions and thus take the visitor deeper into the issues you want to highlight. You can also link the DialogStations together, so that answers given at one DialogStation will affect the kind of question a visitor encounters at the next.

Multi-media Interfaces
The user interface of a DialogStation can range from a simple touch- screen panel, to a multi-sensory, theatrical experience. Your visitors can input their reactions with buttons, levers, objects, sounds, gestures. And you can provide feedback through an equally wide range of digital or analog media and devices.

Installation & Development
The basic component of each DialogStation and SummaryScreen is an Internet-connected computer installed with our DialogStation Application. We’ll work with your exhibit team to develop the content for the question/ answer series, and the interactive concept for visitor engagement. Then we’ll work with your technical department or equipment supplier to specify the necessary hardware. If you prefer, we can supply you with the hardware directly.

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