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Corporate Marketing Opportunities

Looking for a new marketing platform with punch and pull?

aMuze! Interactive systems offer corporations a unique and powerful marketing platform that combines the
accuracy and measurability of direct marketing, with the brand-building and good-will benefits of cultural and educational sponsorsing.

Using the aMuze! Interactive platform, you can reach significant numbers of well educated, highly motivated, and interested potential customers, in highly credible environments, located in key markets all over the world: museums & heritage sites, science centers & zoos, conferences, trade shows, and other cultural and knowledge attractions.

The platform will drive traffic to your customer offers and deliver a measurable return on investment, at the same time as it helps you meet your brand and CSR goals.

The very nature of the aMuze! Interactive platform brings its own unique benefits. Using the latest cell-phone, internet, and interactive technology, aMuze! systems are particularly attractive to a rapidly growing number of people - young of age and young of mind and attitude - for whom these technologies are an important part of their lives. The aMuze! Interactive platform allows you to meet them where they live!