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Communication training courses for educators and guides at Skansen

“The evaluations showed that ALL participants wanted to recommend the courses. They felt that they developed their skills and self-assurance, and had fun at the same time. What a positive response!” Lars-Eric Larsson, Education Director, Skansen Zoo

aMuze! Interactive is working with human interactivity too! We are helping Skansen's educators, cultural historians, animal caretakers, park, garden and building staff to develop and hone their communication skills. Our hands-on courses in practical communication help strengthen their own resources and feel confident in meeting, informing, and communicating with different kinds of visitors.

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About Skansen
Skansen is the world's oldest outdoor museum, founded in 1891, in Stockholm Sweden. The 75 acre (300,000 sq.m.) site comprises over 70 farm houses, manors, churches, a school house, a 19th century town with shops, and other buildings from various epochs and provinces in Sweden. There are over 30 species of nordic animals, both tame and wild, at the Skansen Zoo. And there are extensive parks and gardens, all maintained in period form, with appropriate technologies. These, along with an extensive program of events, attract nearly 1.5 million visitors each year.

About our communications training courses.
Interactivity has become the watchword of the modern museum and science center. And there has been an explosion of interactive technology that both meets and drives the demand for engaging visitors in the content and messages of exhibitions. 

But the most important interactivity of all is the face-to-face communication that occurs amongst visitors and museum staff. As pointed out in books like
The Museum Experience, by John Falk and Lynn Dierking, and, more recently, Thriving in the Knowledge Age, by Falk and Beverly Sheppard, customer service is a key offering for achieving institutional goals.  Making visitors feel welcome, appreciated, important, participative, listened to… are critical to building loyalty and attraction.  And responsive customer service places demands on the communication skills of all staff members, externally and internally.

We offer 1-3 day training experiences tailored specifically to the needs and demands of museums, science centers, heritage sites, and other informal, free-choice learning institutions. The courses are suitable for everyone working in the field, regardless of whether they are working internally in administration, collections, archives, design; or externally in visitor services, education, guiding, reception, security.

Our training sessions are active, hands-on, participatory, fun, memorable, and very practical.  They include group and individual exercises, covering all aspects of personal communication, including listening, speaking in front of groups, dealing with conflict, getting your ideas across. We use video as a tool for analysis and development.

Our training leaders are seasoned communication experts with broad experience in the performing arts and education, who can work with each institution to tailor-make training sessions that meet the unique needs of each institution and group.

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