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Brand & CSR Benefits

The benefits of corporate sponsorship are well-known, but can be difficult to justify in bottom line terms as the demands for measurable results for every marketing dollar increase.

At the same time, research shows that these “intangible” sponsorship benefits are more and more important as customers try to choose between competing brands in an all too noisy marketplace. In these terms, cultural and educational sponsorship are particularly powerful.

The aMuze! Interactive platform provides the measurable results that complement the brand benefits.

The arenas we provide to your brand are uniquely credible: museums, science centers, aquaria and other learning attractions, as well as professional conferences and trade shows are familiar and trusted environments. Surveys consistently show that these venues top the list of “most trusted institutions” in our societies.

Demographics vary from institution to institution, but generally speaking, visitors to museums and other cultural and educational attractions are well educated, highly motivated, high income consumers, both in their private and professional lives. There is also a significant population of young people - on their way to follow in their family’s footsteps.

Sponsoring increases brand awareness, generates consumer preferences and builds brand loyalty among key target groups. In the case of cultural and knowledge institutions, sponsorship associates your brand with a number of positive values: culture, science, environment, community, learning, future generations… and these associational values strengthen your relationships with all of your key stakeholders: employees, investors, owners, suppliers, regulators, media – as well as customers - both current and potential.