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Beyond the Line: a Video website on sustainability

Want to be inspired? Keep up with who is doing what in the world of business and the environment at – the video site for sustainable business intelligence.

aMuze! Interactive, together with the
Serious Nature Foundation and the sustainability consultancy, U&W, has produced and maintains a unique website aimed at providing businesses and other organizations with inspiration and practical advice on how (and why) to move beyond the line of business-as-usual and make sustainability central to their business models – a tool for doing better business and for staying ahead of the competition.

The site features thematic workshop films, and short, practical, and provocative video interviews - all produced by aMuze! - with experts from business, the public sector, and science.

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You’ll find interviews with key management at General Electric, Ikea, Marks & Spencer, Marriott, and other companies, large and small, that are quickly moving beyond the line.

You’ll meet experts from the Carbon Disclosure Project, Center for American Progress, Environmental Defense Fund, Forum for the Future, the Natural Step, World Resources Institute, and other organizations that have successfully partnered with companies to help them reduce their environmental impacts and increase their business performance.
  • Search and filter functions enable you to easily find the content most useful for your particular business.
  • Video study modules help you run your own workshops and seminars.
  • You can easily save and share content with colleagues across internal and external networks.
  • Content is updated frequently, so you can check in regularly for new inspiration and practical advice.
  • And Beyond the Line Dot Org is also accessible in special versions for cell phones and other mobile devices.