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“(In)human” wins educational exhibit award

We are proud to have been part of the team behind (In)human, a multi-institutional exhibit on racial biology and racial hygiene, produced by the Living History Forum, Ethnographic Museum, and Swedish Traveling Exhibitions. The exhibit won the FUISM award for the best educational project of 2010, at the annual meeting of the Association of Swedish Museums.

The jury's motivation was: "For a well-executed concept which, using technology, playfulness and gravity, has engaged young people in the exploration of the exhibit's issues, and stimulated reflection and dialog about the right of all people to be valued equally."

Museum educator leads GroupDialog session at Living History Forum
The exhibit, which was installed at both the Ethnographic Museum and the Living History Forum, and which will be going on tour in the autumn of 2011, incorporated both the aMuze! Group DialogSystem and individual DialogStations.

Marcel Rådström, one of the team of museum educators at the Living History Forum, wrote: "Over 11,000 students have worked with the program. Students think that the DialogSystem has made the discussions exciting and entertaining, and that being able to vote anonymously has increased the suspense.  Our exhibit educators have see the system as a great tool for leading workshop dialog and discussions.  And teachers appreciate being able to take back print-outs of their students' voting, enabling them to continue to work with the questions in the classroom. aMuze has  been engaged throughout the entire work process and given us help and support whenever needed.”