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aMuze! Automatic DialogSystem premiers at
Stockholm’s Natural History Museum.

The aMuze! Interactive Group Dialogue System has been enthusiastically received by museum visitors and museum educators alike. It is a proven platform for engaging school classes and other groups in memorable discussions about the content and issues presented in exhibitions.

Automatic Group DialogSystem tables at Natural History Museum
aMuze! Interactive Automatic Dialogue System at Stockholm's Natural History Museum
(Exhibit Design: Bjorn Ed)

Now, we've developed an automatic version of the system for institutions that want to reach their visitors even without the need of staff facilitation. Keypads can be built into furniture or other exhibit components. Question sequences loop automatically and show the results for the current session, as well as total results from all sessions.Even the shyest participants will find it easy to express their views, since voting is anonymous. And the system can be run in manual mode as well, so that your staff still has the opportunity to interact directly with groups whenever they want.

As with the standard group component, the automatic version integrates seamlessly with other aMuze! Interactive systems. And all of our systems are administered through a simple, web-based control panel. It allows authorized museum staff to instantly add, update, or delete content on any or all display units, from any internet-connected computer, anywhere.

Talking with your visitors increases visitor engagement with your exhibits and your institution. We can help you begin the dialogue... and now, automatically!