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aMuze! Interactive

is a cross-disciplinary design and production company focused on helping our clients meet their institutional objectives in the areas of interpretation, learning, and communications.

Our clients are “Knowledge attractions” – institutions and events that attract their visitors with the promise of engaging presentations and experiences about the subjects in which their visitors are interested.   These include museums, science centers, aquaria and other informal learning institutions; heritage tourism sites and attractions; as well as professional and academic congresses, conferences and trade-shows.

Using the latest digital and database technology, we help extend and deepen our client’s contact with audiences by making their content more attractive, accessible, understandable, and relevant. 

Our goal is to design and produce learning experiences that engage, inform, and inspire, both immediately and over the long term.

Our unique combination of skills and experience – in design, education, information technology, and marketing – enables us to help our clients reach their educational, communication and financial goals.